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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 26, 12:14 PM
    Well I'm in and I have my family pack. I have to say though, the organisation of this release was atrocious. There were no barriers and loads of people pushed in without the staff doing anything about them. Even when they opened the doors, one guy who turned up 10 minutes before launch managed to get to pretty much the front of the queue. Elbows were needed.

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  • Michael CM1
    Jun 20, 12:49 AM
    Maybe some of you who own one of the two HD systems can help me out.

    I own a Wii. I really like it, but you've got companies like EA who think it's only 5-year-olds and grannies playing it. Therefore, we get things like NCAA Football 09. That was by far the worst sports game I have ever played. It was like EA took NCAA 06 for the PS2, stripped out everything good and put in a mascot game. EA didn't make NCAA Football 10, and I see no indication of NCAA Football 11 for Wii.

    Thus with the newer designs of the 360 and PS3, I'm considering getting one. I mainly would like HD games at times, especially the college football one. I looked into the 360 Arcade version and balked immediately because it sounds like something for people who never want to save a game. Oh yeah, it has NO WIFI. No WiFi is a dealbreaker on the Pro or whatever 360 as well.

    I have a neighbor who manages a GameStop, so I plan on asking him about this. But I'm just curious as to what you guys think. I have zero interest in buying any movies or music online through this. I really don't know much about games specific to each platform. A friend told me there was a Magic: The Gathering game for XBox. That would be pretty neat, especially if I could trade all those damn cards I have for it. I don't plan on doing any Rock Band or Guitar Hero for those because I dropped $150 on the set for Wii. I saw Final Fantasy XIII was on the 360, but I bought friggin' Final Fantasy X for $20 and never played it on my PS2.

    I also doubt I'll have much interest in these systems' motion controls because of cost. I'm really not wanting to go all in on these things. I just want an alternative to Wii for when the developers get sloppy and don't release a game I like for Wii. I own a crapload of BDs, so that is in my mind for the PS3. But I already have two BD players for my two HDTVs. So thanks for any input.

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  • kingkongrope
    Apr 7, 06:28 AM
    I've never jailbroke a ipod touch before so I don't rely know how to do it.
    I've got myself a ipod touch 32gb 4gen.

    So could some one give me a guide on how to do it, it's running on 4.3.1


    I've just seen I've posted this in Ipad :O
    Could some one move it to the right ipod bit thanks

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  • Tomorrow
    Apr 1, 09:12 AM
    Still holding at $3.48 as of this morning.


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  • Ruahrc
    Mar 18, 03:24 PM
    Its funny that film and film cameras were so difficult to get right, but there was almost no post-processing. Now we shoot computers with lenses attached, get great technical results, yet post-process our photos to death.

    I don't think this is entirely true. There was plenty of post processing back in the film days, just look at the works of Ansel Adams. It's just that the typical hobby photographer wasn't the one doing it- he sent his film off to a processing lab where it got developed and "post processed" by the lab technicians. Nowadays, with digital, the hobby photographer does almost all of the post processing himself.

    The fundamentals of the process have not changed all that much, just who does them, and where/how.


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  • bsamcash
    Mar 26, 03:17 PM
    He rich, yet he wears the same thing every day?


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  • itcheroni
    Apr 3, 07:37 PM
    The article states that tax cuts have not worked. They seem to be basing that claim on the fact that the states have not seen improvement in their economies after the tax cuts. That is not the correct metric with which to judge the effectiveness of any policy. The question should be whether the economy would have been even worse without the tax cuts. The article does not address this.

    I've lived virtually my whole life in California and have no clue what you're talking about.

    Perhaps you can source that.

    As for balance, I'm a big believer in it. In my opinion an "balanced" solution includes tax increases as well as government cuts. Unfortunately, the republicans have fought tooth and nail against tax increases and have tried to balance a 26 billion dollar deficit with cuts. If only they embraced the notion of "balance". :rolleyes:

    I believe California has one of the highest income tax rates at over 9% for people making over mid-40k. And California has one of the highest sales tax, at 9.75% where I am. And despite this, California has one of the worst budget deficits and some of the most regulations.

    Coincidentally, I've been toying with moving to either Washington or Texas and I've finally decided that it's time. For the cost of taxes in California, I could pay my rent in Washington or Texas for the entire year. And I can't think of one thing the California state government provides that the Washington state government doesn't that I would really miss.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 10, 08:29 AM
    just so you know, mac pro NEVER had, let along past tense, Core 2 Duo (or Core 2 Dou)
    Woodcrest (Xeon), as much as it might have the similar technology underlying its processor, is NOT Core 2 Duo.

    i'm pretty sure that the Xeon (Woodcrest) is considered Core2Duo


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  • MacsRgr8
    Sep 29, 01:37 PM
    Thanks for being the sole brave soul.

    Home computer.... all data backupped. Not really that brave. :D

    BTW.. I am not the only one ( ;)

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  • diamond.g
    Mar 28, 09:31 AM
    People seem to be moaning (no offence intended) about iOS notifications a lot recently but I don't remember it happening before a couple of months ago. Why is that? I'm a Mac user but not an iOS user so I wasn't aware they sucked so much.

    Some of us have always complained about the notifications. More so when Apple enabled push. The notification system is modal, and built around an OS that didn't expose multitasking to the user. Now it is just getting in the way (IMO).


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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Mar 25, 08:39 AM
    Instead of suing everyone, kodak needs to get on this retro kick and start selling kodachrome camera's and film again for cheap. Stop using digital, start developing.

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  • netdog
    Oct 17, 04:03 PM
    Missed this thread. I'll be there.


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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 26, 08:59 AM
    Anybody there now? Any crowds?

    I am here right now the place is packed no queue yet. Will keep you guys updated, OMG Leopard rules
    EDIT: Time machine is ddisabled on all machines sorry for spelling mistakes I really am to busy to worry xD And this MBPs keyboard kinda sucks

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  • Fiveos22
    Sep 27, 08:56 AM
    I'm hoping to see those OpenGL improvements significantly boost my Quake 1 fps on my MacBook.


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  • QuarterSwede
    Oct 16, 06:15 PM
    ^ Yeah, how about voicemail? If its that important they'll leave a message. Shoot sometimes I even turn off my cell *GASP!* Dude, you need to go camping once in a while and get away from the world.

    In my opinion, I don't think the "iPhone" will have more than 1GB just so that it wouldn't affect the sales of the lower capacity Nanos (the shuffle is an exception because its tiny and has a relatively lower concept).

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  • BornAgainMac
    Apr 25, 05:14 PM
    Amazing, and then what? Maybe use it twice in your machine's life?

    Perhaps Family Pack edition only. Or maybe have it a premium option.


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  • devman
    Apr 2, 07:13 PM
    I hate the fact Pages always defaults to US English spelling. There seems to be no permanent way to switch to UK English! Arrrgh. No offence to Americans, but there are other people in the world.

    Go to system preferences. Open International. Drag British English to be first in the list of languages. If it's not in the list, click the Edit button to add it.

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  • w_parietti22
    Sep 18, 12:14 AM
    Other than that, I dunno.. go to starbucks or something to meet people? A singles mixer? *shrug*

    I was in starbucks the other day and there was like 3 women using Macs. (2 PBs and a iBook)

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  • MacBandit
    Sep 14, 07:33 PM
    [/B]I agreed with you. The new dual ghz is FAST, but the noise in the hot summer day. I can use my new Powermac as heater in the winter season. :)

    This baby can heat up your room nice and warm!:) if you are looking for heater and something to compute, Apple dual is a machine to get! [/B]

    Compared to every high end PC I've seen of late is not only louder but makes any Mac look like a refrigerator in comparing the amount of heat they exhaust.

    Mar 11, 04:10 PM
    If you want a coupon for 10% off one of the best iPad cases for your new iPad, PM you email address and I will send you a coupon.

    Or you can find me in line and I can show you why you should buy this case!

    Apr 5, 08:47 AM
    If I would leak something, I would make sure the device is clean, the camera is in focus and there is enough light.

    Why are leaked images (almost) always such bad quality?

    Nov 17, 04:25 PM
    apple can easily put him out of business by supplying these things themselves.

    Nov 6, 05:13 AM
    Say no to rfid! We already use phones to pay for tickets on parking spaces, trains, buses and so on. There is no need to add more identity to these transactions. It is already in use and works just fine without rfid.

    Apr 1, 10:36 AM
    Ditto! Slingbox rocks! And it's even more fun when you have a friend or two in other states that allow you to use their Slingbox to watch events that are blacked out in your own area. :)


    Yup. If I ever switch providers I'm putting a Slingbox in my dad's house so I can watch the NFL Sunday Ticket.

    You can pay the 100 bucks to watch the Yankees online at work, or I can watch for free on my Slingbox.