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  • guy03062
    07-17 12:42 AM
    kudos to ImmigrationVoice's core team and its members, especially flower campaign and San Jose rally. Apart from Congresswoman Lofgren, IV is the one who really added immense pressure on Govt by their root level activites.

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  • satishbsk
    07-24 06:26 PM
    I Contribute to IV and selected a wrong choice oppps
    With PD Feb 07 ur lucky to file 485, so contribute one more recurring.:D

    Contributed $ 280 so far $20 monthly.

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  • nozerd
    02-01 12:59 PM
    At POE they will ask you for an address for the PR card. Normally at land border they are strict and wont take a friends address etc. At airport they tend to be easier on you in accepting any address.

    You dont need to do anything else. You may apply for a SIN number (Canada equivalent for an SSN) so that in the future if and when you do move there you can start working from day 1 because YOU WILL need SIN to work in Canada.

    Many also start a bank account to show ties. You can do this depending on how much chance you think there is if you move there in the next 3 yrs before you loose your PR status.

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  • vnsriv
    08-31 12:58 PM


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  • kittu07in
    08-27 03:57 PM
    [....You have to file her F-1 before your H-1 expires or gets denied, also you might need to show that she will continue to be on H-4 as of the date that classes start (based on you being on valid H-1 status). If this is not possible i suggest you file a change of status to B-2 and then you can decide what needs to be done, this will give you some breathing room...]

    How long it takes to convert her status from h4 to B-2? and how many days it will be valid after having a valid B-2?
    to convert her B-2 status, do I need to be on B-1? or it can be anything?
    Does she can able to COS from B-2 to F1 (Student)...?

    ~Thanks in advance

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  • needhelp!
    10-02 01:53 PM
    we miss you...


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  • mk26
    03-21 09:36 AM
    I had my h1 extension from 2009 and I went to Kolkata for stamping in Jan2011..surprised to see there was a desi VO(may be US citizen). he interviewed me and it was smooth, he asked about the company and looked in my past tax returns and approved for visa. He did not even asked about client letter or any agreement. I worked in anther country for 4 yrs that he asked and confirmed though.
    I work for a small consulting company, this was my 2nd extension.
    Hope this helps

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  • rajuseattle
    08-14 05:31 PM

    dont worry your attorney knows the process of contacting Service centre folks in these type of situation where USCIS erroneously rejected your wife's I-485 petition.

    He will know thro' his AILA liason the appropriate procedure to get hold of USCIS and correct this situation.

    Your wife wont be out of status, since she entered on H-4 dependent status, once her I-485 gets in processing queue she will be in AoS pending status and that will let her stay in this country until USCIS gets her GC.

    Make sure her application somehow gets to USCIS AoS adjudication unit and you receive the USCIS receipt notice establishing her Priority date similar to yours on the I-485 receipt notice. you can apply for her EAD and AP so that she can work and travel outside of US using her AP.

    Hope this helps you.


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  • Rajeev
    10-29 05:16 PM
    To all the folks that attended the conference at YMCA Center in Woodbridge, NJ on Oct 28th,

    Thanks for participating . Please provide your feedback on the meeting i.e What you liked and what you didn't like. This will help us for the future meetings.

    Also please become more active and urge you friends and colleagues to become more active in NJ state chapter.

    Any suggestion on promoting our cause will be greatly appreciated:
    Some of the areas to think about are:
    a) How often we should hold such conferences?
    b) What other topics we should include. ( For example Financial planning for the community, given the uncertainity in the process)?
    c) In what way we together can help increase our number?
    d) etc...etc...

    The meeting was very well organized. Q&A session with Attorney Prashanti Reddy was very useful. Here are my suggestions:
    a) We can have these conferences every two months or whenever core thinks so.
    b) I think we should stick to immigration.
    c) Earlier 'Invite a friend/Add a member' campaigns were very successful as compared to flyer/poster campaign.

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  • alex99
    05-28 10:37 AM
    This is nothing new. please close this thread.


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  • mr_rajeevsaxena
    08-16 07:43 PM

    Just Curious if anyone got receipt notice for any I485 application with the following:

    USCIS Receipt date: July 2nd
    Time: 11:34 am
    Signed by: B. GERKENSMEYER
    Carier: USPS Express Mail


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  • GCWhru
    03-24 12:22 PM
    I never heard of this...Last year I applied for extension and had to travel for family emergency. But I got the approval without any issues. Might be just lucky?

    Your extension may be become invalid. We use I94 number in the extension application form. when you get extension approval you have the extended I94 for the same number.

    If you have traveled you have different i94 from the recent travel and different one in extension.


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  • alex99
    05-28 10:37 AM
    This is nothing new. please close this thread.

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  • number30
    02-19 08:55 PM
    Two years back I was arrested for felony domestic violence. My parents were here visiting. Father was also arrested for felony and mother for misdemeanor. Mothers case came up first. We won the case and jury decided not guilty. Me and my father were not formally charged by DA. Also at that time I was charged with violation of no contact order. I contested the case and the case was dismissed w/o prejudice.
    Since then me and my wife are living together. I recently applied for citizenship and declared my arrest and the court documents.
    I have also had couple of traffic for following too closely and second for speeding like 18 miles above speed limit. Got both the tickets dismissed. I did not declare traffic tickets in N400.
    I have been given a date to do the finger prints...
    How all of this will affect my application for citizenship. Both me and my wife applied for citizenship..
    if my application is denied then could I be deported. I came to us based on immigrant visa granted to the family because wife is a registered nurse. my GC is valid until five more years..
    The court finding in violation of no contact order was "dismissed w/o prejudice". I pleaded NOT GUILTY at the time of arraignment and my attorney moved knapstead motion and on lack of action from city to contact the witness, the judge granted the motion and dismissed the case w/o prejudice.
    And for charge of "unlawful imprisonment and interference in reporting", the DA sent a letter to my wife saying" this notice is to inform you that the Prosecutor's Office has made a decision not to file criminal charges in th above matter. The decision was made carefully and in accordance with office policy and charging guidelines. A decision not to file charges does not necessarily mean we concluded that no crime was committed. We must consider many factors in making a decision whether to file criminal charges." I on the other hand never got any letter from Prosecutor's Office.

    Me and my wife were interviewed on 02-18-10. We were interviewed separately. My wife got the citizenship and I got N-652, saying a decision cannot be made at this time. during my interview I presented all the paperwork I gathered from the courts.i passed both the english and civic exams.

    As I already said that I was charged with Violation of no contact order and I contested the case and the case was dismissed w/o prejudice. In the court dockt it was written " THE COURT FINDS PROBABLE CAUSE." but the case was dismissed in the pretrial thru knapstead motion. There is NOTHING wriiten in the dockt that suggest that " COURT HAS FOUND THAT THE VIOLATION OF NO CONTACT ORDER OCCURRED". Could I be deported?

    Much thanks in advance

    I guess it is an approval. In the cases where officer needs an approval from senior officer they issue N-652. That is standard practice.


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  • vban2007
    07-13 11:54 AM
    Please do not discuss, Illegal things in this forum

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  • map_boiler
    06-28 10:57 PM
    I was a student on f1 and had applied and used my OPT period. The OPT card has A#. I am applying I-485 with I-140 pending and have I-140 reciept

    Should I use the OPT A# everywhere on the application?
    NO. Just mark it as "None". USCIS will assign you a new A# when you file I-485. In my case my OPT A# and A# assigned with approved I-140 are different. In your case, since your I-140 is pending, they have not yet assigned you a number. You should receive one with your I-485 receipt or with your I-140 approval (which ever is received earlier).

    I do not have any other documentation related to my OPT except the expired OPT/EAD card. IS this suffiecnt documentation?
    You should provide front and back copies of the expired OPT EAD card. Also check with your attorney regarding any other documentation required. I've submitted copies of the expired OPT EAD and form I-765 I filed to obtain my OPT EAD (not sure if my attorney will use this when he files my I-765, though).

    There is question on the I-765 which ask IF i had applied for EAD before. WOuld the answer to this be yes I have used OPT before? If yes what is the location of the USCIS office where I applied. I have no clue about this

    I answered yes. The USCIS service center will depend on the state in which your school is located...and to which you mailed the I-765 for OPT EAD.


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  • amoschid
    07-18 03:36 PM
    i was reading just now,
    and I know that each year only 140000 green card is allocated for EB category.

    I have several question regarding this number/quota:

    1. Does that number (140000) include the spouse/all dependents of applicant ? or just the main applicant ?

    2. I keep hearing of this 7% cap for each country, what does that mean ?
    does that mean each country only have maximum of 9800 (7% * 140000) green card each year ?? or is it depend on the number of citizen of the country (for example citizen in India is bigger than Japan, so India will get bigger quota)

    thanks in advance :D

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  • gcseeker2002
    11-05 02:50 PM
    I called UScis Customer support and they said that as of today they are approving EADs with notice date July 2nd, so I should wait another few weeks for my EAD, so EAD will take 5 months or more for me :(

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  • acecupid
    06-04 05:20 PM
    These days all H1 transfers and extensions for consulting companies are attracting RFEs for client PO. I heard this from many friends. Also the extension is given only till the PO end date even if you are eligible for 3 yr extension based on approved I-140. Basically you have to prove your project pipeline to get a longer extension. :eek:

    Some of the RFE requirements are ridiculous.. like getting lease info for client office building and letter from president of client company explaining business relationship with petitioner. Big outsourcing companies will soon start moving more jobs and work offshore if this trend continues.

    08-07 09:29 AM
    are you dumb or something????

    this has been out for weeks...we are waiting for the september bulletin

    what a moron!

    Relax guys...sorry ..

    do you need to use these kind of words for posting a thread which I did by mistake?

    11-12 05:09 PM
    I called NSC but I never heard the option that you mentioned (Receipts not received). Could you explain it?