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  • yabadaba
    07-22 03:37 AM
    Please vote and provide details if the answer is yes

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  • Gazman
    09-23 03:22 PM
    To determine mouse movement direction I think you will have to make some code.

    Here is a C# example on how to accomplish this:


    Perhaps call this code with a timer.

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  • vjzzz
    09-30 03:31 AM
    I have my visa stamping this week in Nogales, Mexico. Does anybody have any advice, tips, etc? Hoping to get my stamping on the same day of my appointment, thats one of the reasons I booked by appointment there.
    I will be using the assistance of NVS International for my transportation, bank draft, hotel, etc. If anyone needs assistance in Nogales they can help you out: www.nogalesvisaservices.com. They seem to offer very good service in Nogales, heard good comments about them.

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  • ameryki
    06-27 04:05 PM
    I got the e-mail that card prodn. is ordered. Not sure if i'll get one year or 2 years EAD renewal now. I filed in Nebraska center. I called USCIS and asked them but they are not sure either.. I hate to miss out of 2 yr EAD just 'cos it got approved today but not Monday. Is there any way to appeal for a 2 yr EAD ????

    I think it is 2 years for approvals that occur after June 30th. Which means yours might be a 1 year deal


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  • hydboy77
    11-17 06:51 PM
    As a student who came here myself and understand the huge investment they have to make to come here to study in US, I fell sorry for these students and there parents. With the draconian restrictions imposed by uscis and certain senators many of these kids will not have an oportunity to work in US. I am not sure how they will be able to repay the huge loans they are taking to pay the fees to US universities

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  • SunnySurya
    07-13 12:49 PM
    Reading your post, it seems that it is better for me to do nothing (option A).
    talk to an attorney.
    I have a similar problem with 2 485s, one as primary, one as dependent. The PDs are 18 months apart, and both are not going to be current in August. Had ending up filing both in the July fiasco because both attorneys were dillydallying on filing and we were hoping atleast one gets through, now both did.
    My attorney is now advising me NOT to withdraw one on my own, because USCIS in its own confusion might end up withdrawing BOTH petitions. This also happened to someone recently on the forum (I-140 in one case got denied, and all four 485s were denied, without USCIS realizing that 2 were tied to another I-140 which is still around). He believes we will either get an approval outright and the second petition will be automatically nullified, or we'll get an RFE.


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  • YesWeWillGet
    09-11 01:40 PM
    gc_check and a_yaja - I really appreciate your feedback and thank you.

    I was thinking that I can get the F1 > Opt > H1 > File 485 thru EB2 Since my spouse's 485 is stuck in mud with priority dated 2003 EB3 category. So, I was wondering that can I have file my own 485 EB2 parallel to my spouse EB3. I would really appreciate if you could provide guidence or alternative approach. Once again, thank you for your thoughts.


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  • Cranberry160
    12-02 12:20 PM

    I'm in the same boat as you - waiting for the approval of my recapture which I probably won't get until past the recapture expiry this December. Have you filed your COS yet? Let me know how it goes as I plan to do the same this week! Thanks!

    Wandmaker, do you know what are the odds of getting approval for COS to B2 from H1B?

    I'm about to submit an application for work visa in New Zealand and I want to stay here in the US and wait for my NZ visa approval here. I'm a Filipino national. I'm currently working on some document requirements and my guess-timate is that I'll get my NZ work visa by late January or even February. I do have an employer waiting for me in NZ and I signed an employment contract already. Will all these info be enough to support my application to stay for a few months and leave when I get all my affairs in order (NZ visa,etc)?



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  • jonty_11
    11-09 02:55 PM
    Normally u get a recipt notice withing 2 weeks or submitting H1 application. Check to see if waht u have is a just receipt notice or a I-797 (H1B Doc).

    Last I knew I94 shud be at the bottom of the I-797

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  • roseball
    07-16 05:40 PM
    Yes, NSC DOES accept 485 applications....


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  • makemygc
    05-12 11:58 AM
    The law in question in Arizona was SB 1070. When it passed, I was an immigrant resident of that state.

    When I received my greencard two years ago, I was sent a letter from the Department of Homeland Security -- the same letter that is sent to thousands of new immigrants every week -- from which I quote:

    We will soon mail you a new Permanent Resident Card... When you receive your card, you must carry it with you at all times if you are 18 older. It is the law.
    Pretty clear.


    Robin Koerner: A Legal Immigrant's Take on Illegal Immigration (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/a-legal-immigrants-take-o_b_860273.html)

    Indian immigrant with priroity date of 2008 in EB3 category and you got your green card 2 yrs back...who are you?:mad:

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  • vvpandya
    11-06 05:46 PM
    I had a LUD on 10/18 and then today the online status says Document mailed to applicant..recvd date at nebraska is 7/2 and recpt date is 9/11


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  • krishna
    06-02 07:52 AM
    The indian consulate in NY states that one can apply for a renewal a year before his/her passport expires. Check out this link.

    Here is the statement

    Application for a new passport has to be made when applicant's old passport has completed 10 years (Final or F). The Application for a new passport can be made also up to one year before the expiry of the Passport.

    Here is the link


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  • vactorboy29
    10-09 04:54 PM

    Does that mean you need to have visa stamp in your passport ? otherwise they would not issue German visa.


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  • GCAmigo
    09-30 05:24 PM
    Don't fret about the PERM time lines. It can take anywhere from 1 month to more than 6 months (for Fragomen clients) for PERM approvals/denials. .

    Mine is rotting in Atlanta since last Nov.. courtesy Fragomen..

    Good Luck

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-05 12:18 PM
    here is the correct link:


    This is not a correct official link.


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  • dingudi
    03-05 12:03 PM
    Yep..not to worry..just go there on the date of appt..they'll just ask you to come back when the finger heals...I cut my finger...officer made a notation on my form and asked me to come when it heals..I went after a month and got it done

    DO they tell you to reschedule the appointment or just ask you to come with FP notice by doing walk-in after it heals. Also do they put a note in their system that you could not give the FP because of so and so reason. Also anyone knows what Boston ASC does , whether they permit walk-ins during the week.

    You said you went after a month, so I assume that they must have noted that you did appear for the FP but could not do it.

    Sorry if I am sounding a little desperate but I just want to get this over with the right way without any hassles.

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  • Leo07
    12-27 03:09 PM
    If you have your latest H1B approved, old Stamp is still valid. Just inform your attorney and take the papers that your attorney will pass on. Plus your employment letter+recent pay stubs, just the regular stuff.

    Good Luck with your mom's health!

    God Bless!

    I have a valid H-1B valid till 18th feb 2011 for employment with my previous employer. I had changed employment and now have I797C for the new employer valid till Nov 2011. I plan to go to India and be back in 1 week, my employer would issue me a leave approval letter. My present employer is a big hospital-non profit and I am a health professional.

    Can some one tell if would need to get a new visa stamped if I come back by 15th January 2011. What documents should I carry. Should I talk to a lawyer before I leave. My mom is stable now but I am afraid If dont go now, I might not be able to gor a long time as I dont want to get re-stamping done.

    Please advice

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  • singhsa3
    08-20 08:50 PM
    Thats what recent approval in last couple of days are indicating..
    looks like they are clearing up PD APR-DEC 2005 at both NSC-TSC but slow then pick up from jan-2006

    there are not much perm certified in 2005 ...hope you all get it

    03-18 11:01 AM
    If company 'ABC" is a consultant company then..make a deal with them and work thru them for XYZ for 2-3 months and take transfer to xyz.
    Otherwise you have no other option than using EAD.

    09-09 09:38 AM
    Words in CIR are supporting high skilled. At the same time Schumer mentioned that they will not allow companies to replace Americans with lower wage foreign workers. You can easily get the meaning of it. First CIR need to be introduced. And it needs to seen What CIR will offer for high skilled immigrants. Many lobbying groups waiting with laundry list of demands for them. Basically every group wants unlimited guest workers and green cards. Someone in congress has to take leadeship initiatives without politics and without any bias. Then only CIR is feasible

    If you see the political realities, Obama has lost a lot of political capital on health care.
    Plus something I mentioned before: Schumer is a senator. CIR faces main opposition
    in the Congress and not Senate.

    You are right that many interest groups are lobbying for themselves. That is where EBs are at a disadvantage.
    Just check www.ilw.com. Everyday there are articles wailing the plight of illegals but not a peep about
    skilled immigrants.