Dior In Pink

Wanna Visit Paris!

One of my biggest passions is definitely traveling.Until now I travel all around Europe,I lived in Turkey and Hawaii,but one of the most beautiful cities that I missed to see is Paris..I would love to visit this city in Spring coz I think Paris is most beautiful in that time of the year..Eiffel Tower,French fashion style,French cuisine are just a some of the intersting things why this city attracted me..I fall in love in him while I was watching Carrie Bredshaw in Sex and the City,in Paris..I hope so one day I will also visit this " city of love "


Isn't all these pictures just lovely?Looking at them makes me wanna be somewhere else and do something different from the things Im doing now..Giving me inspiration and making me dreaming about some other things and some different life..

Pink Dreams

As everybody can see in my posts pink is my favorite color,and I like everything what comes in this color..Perfumes,shoes,lace,flowers..I read somewhere.on one blog,I think so, and I really like this sentence "If I need to dream I hope so I will dream in pink"