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  • srikondoji
    06-18 08:46 AM
    What are you trying to convey? Are you saying we should not write up stories?
    If so think again.

    This is a right time to do it.

    I did not say that nor even remotely meant that.

    We should try and do all things that can improve our chances of success.

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  • BECsufferer
    03-19 01:03 PM
    Hello Everyone;

    I recently posted a thread on our buying house expereince, while that was chapter in itself, there is another one that has recently opened up. Allow me to elaborate;

    When you buy a house ( as most know) lender sets up an arrangment with Title company. You actually pay for the expenses and title company carries out the work. So as part of the paper work, this title company was assigned to put together, they sent me a copy of the whole deal for my records. Now, the person who was handling the package at title company, sent it to the address on my driver license. Happens to be that right next day from the date of closing, I left this place an moved into my house. So when the package arrived via Fedex, their was no-one their to claim, so the Fedex guy left it on the door step. After more than a week, the title company contacted me via phone asking about why I haven't signed up those documents and sent back. Surprised I asked about when they sent and to what place? that's when we discovered that the package was delievered to wrong place. So I asked them to ask Fedex to go fetch the package and send it to my new address. So now Fedex reported, that the package is gone! ... I contacted apartment office and no-one turned in such package. I called back the title company and informed them about all this and complained about loss of personal information. I asked them to pay for identity protection program, which they have refused.

    So my question is what legal course do I have to ensure they pay for my ID protection. I am really furstrated with the way these people do work. Instead of accepting negligence they are refuting my greivance. I have never hired a lawyer nor has taken anyone to court, but feel cheated.

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  • rayoflight
    05-05 06:30 PM
    I see that you are a Senior Member. Isn't it time to upgrade your status to "Donor" :)

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  • a_yaja
    09-13 10:37 AM
    I'll be graduating from med school next year. Per student counsel/student affair office, my seniors are qualified med professionals and are eligible for eb2 category.

    Does immi law allow a person to file H-1B when he/she is a derivative 485 applicant / AOS pending status?

    Just trying to explore the possibilities to apply 485 under EB2 category and my current status is 485 EB3 AOS, primary applicant is my spouse. I would really appreciate the valuable suggestions and thoughts.


    You should be able to file H1B directly without becoming a student first. Since you already have an EAD (I assume that you have one since you are AOS), you don't even need to file a H1. However, it is your choice to file H1 or not. You do not need to be on a H1 to file for Labor, I-140, etc. You can do that while on AOS.


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  • Wish_Good
    06-30 04:07 PM
    My Sincere Thanks to Mr. Ari for responding to my post.

    Here Iam posting additional details about my case:

    Company A: Labor approved in Dec 2006. Applied I-140 in June 2007 and got RFE regarding my Educational Transcripts Which was responded in time and USCIS received on Dec 5, 2007. Then Got EAD and AP approved. On Apr3 2008 I-140 Denied (I-140 was denied - due to 3yr degree) then I-485 denied on June 26th 2008. So, First applied MTR for I-140 which was denied on Feb, 2009. Then applied one more MTR (Appeal) for I-140 on March 13th, 2009 (check cashed by USCIS... receipt copy not yet received).

    Suddenly in the recent past month I see that, My I-485 status updated saying -Transferred and now pending @ Texas service center (got a notice) and now today I saw above mentioned status.

    But "When I was on my 7th year of H-1B (valid upto Apr 2009)" jumped (Transferred my H1B) to Company B. And now Iam with Company B.

    Thanks a lot in Advance.

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  • rkat
    02-06 11:38 AM
    Thanks friends for your input - Appreciate it.! I am pretty certain that there is no rule like this.! But it would be helpful if there is some printed info on this issue. Anybody out there who has any more information on this.??
    Thanks a ton!


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  • nonimmi
    07-02 10:02 AM
    I see people not supporting the CIR which was suppose to be a pro Immigration bill, no matter which part of the society it was supporting. My question is Are you guys out here a Pro or an anti immigration forum?
    Or are you guys out here are to fulfill their selfish dreams, stand on others to reach the top.
    Can anyone answer me? I really doubt the people out here.

    Did you ask your parents whether you were born logal??
    Some of have that doubt. Can you clarify please?

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  • ras
    08-01 10:37 AM
    one of the stories posted on the thread about lawyer negligence.

    [B]Hi ,

    One of my cousin was working for a consultant firm from 5.5years and their company lawyer filed his labor in 2005.Whenever he called his lawyer for status checking,lawyer always replied that his case is pending.When he checked his case status online last week,he came to know that his case was closed.Reason was lawyer did not respond to notices from uscis in october and november 2006.And whenver my cousin emailed his lawyer, lawyer always responded only over phone and not by emails.So can anyone suggest,as to how to go about this case?Does he need to sue his employer or lawyer for misleading?Is this the master trick of employer or lawyer?And now no option for substituted labor too!Can his case be reopened again or will he have to file his labor again?


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  • Escape_Velocity
    04-10 12:48 PM
    GC Struggle, I am not sure about your comments on "reactivated by filing an amendment with USCIS" to get back to H1B status after being employed with EAD. As per my understanding once you had utlized EAD then if one wants to go back to H1B then it is like a NEW H1B petition and NOT just claiming your old H1B. If possible could you pls provide a link to official document stating the approach suggested in your post.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-02 12:23 PM
    My PD is Feb 2002, EB2 and 485 ND: 06/15/2007

    I renewed my EAD last month believing that it may trigger GC approval.
    Today i received my EAD renewal for 2 years. Expiry date is July 25, 2010

    Having oldest PD and receiving 2 yrs EAD, is it a good sign or bad? Please let me know.



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  • Rajkrish9
    10-30 11:07 PM
    Hi All,

    I need urgent help and suggestions for my situations..

    I have been working with company A since March'2006. They applied my GC processing with substitute labor of Nov'2004 and got I-140 approved.

    In July'2007 applied I-485 which is pending for myself and my wife as well.

    EAD card has arrived recently with 2 years of validity till Oct'2010 both for myself and my wife. AP is also approved recently.

    With all this I am still on H1-B until 11/15/2008. Since it is going to expire, I have asked my employer to file for my extension.. They came up with very vague options and questions which I have posted down in bold with 1 and 2.

    1) We have filed your PERM application for the new position which qualifies for EB2. Please note that since you have an approved I-140, have filed your I-485 and have an EAD card, we will no longer need to maintain your H-1B status. Instead, we will withdraw your current H1 and save the remaining H-1B time left on this H1 for use in the future (if the need arises).


    2) If you wish to maintain your H-1B status, then (since your position has changed and we have filed a new PERM application on your behalf), we will need to amend your H-1B visa. Please complete the attached questionnaire at your earliest convenience and revert to me with a copy of your latest I-94 card. Please note that this is not an extension and so there is no need to file the H4 extension for your wife/family.

    Please advise which option you want to go with. I strongly recommend option #1, but it is entirely your choice if you want to go with option # 2 and maintain your H-1B status. Please let me know how you want to proceed with your H-1B status.

    If anybody come acrossed similiar type of situation or experienced already let me know and this would really help in taking the decision.

    It's very emergency..


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  • harikris
    05-10 09:40 AM
    Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar

    (Translation: An ideal mind is a devils workshop)


    More like an idle mind ;)


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  • indianabacklog
    04-17 07:41 AM
    My father used to drive when he visited. My insurance company put him on as a named driver for the duration of his stay. He was able to drive on his own driving license (that is fine for up to one year).

    If he screwed up (fortunately he never did) the fines would have been just the same as mine and since I had taken separate insurance for him that was covered too.

    You have to remember that visitors to the US are everywhere and are driving rental cars so this is not so unusual. If you wish to not have your father on your insurance then get him a rental car with every insurance known and then, apart from him getting hurt in an accident, you are covered.

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  • krishnam70
    08-02 07:26 AM
    Tell me what I am doing wrong here:
    Clicked the link - Forgot Your User ID or Password ?
    Entered my userid and email address and Clicked Submit.
    Here it asked me to enter "Your Question on File is:" and "Your Answer on File is:"
    I do not remember this.

    If you do not remember the secret question or answer then you have no choice, its probably much easier to use a new id + new email address. Next time, shoot yourself an email with the userid/password/secret question + answer for your record just in case you forget.



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  • gc_perm2k6
    08-11 01:42 PM
    Got 2 Year EAD.

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  • z029556
    08-14 03:06 PM
    Hi Sydeajmal,

    How long did it take for your EAD to get approved once you have submitted your RFE



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  • sbdol
    07-21 07:11 PM
    My H1-B visa expired on June 16, 2007. Extension (I-129) has been filed in May 2007 (before expiration). It has not been approved yet. It's still pending. My LC has been approved on July 09, 2007 and my PD is April 2004. My question is: Can I file concurrently I-140 and I-485? Will my application be rejected or will an RFE be issued?

    Thanks for your input.

    Yes you can. As far as I can see there is nothing unusual/illegal in your situation.

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  • gk_2000
    05-15 09:57 PM
    Most probably this is just an eye candy for us, to be eaten and excreted. But, I hope I am dead wrong!

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  • ras
    08-29 12:36 PM
    I am kind of thinking of getting a template kind of system where in members can involve and put in their thoughts and once an article ( of some interest) reaches to a final stage and gets approved by the majority it would be forwarded to the news papers / Journals.

    I am not sure how much time it takes, but let me try out crystallizing the thoughts towards this end.

    Would be great, if few people can join me in this endeavor. PM folks/writers who wish to involve themselves in this process.

    This is a process that has to evolve and please do not have expectations as to see results right away.

    However, if some one is ready to take the lead.... Please take over...

    09-30 10:27 AM
    Do they provide Visa to Mexico?...or do we need to do it much these people charge( is this inc of Bank Draft+Hotel+Mexico Visa), Please advice..

    Thanks in Adv...

    09-12 10:08 AM
    Point is not wikipedia or other site. They should be relying on information provided in proper legal format and not on some internet based site. Example if some one is working for Microsoft and if I google the keywords I might get some website which says how MS products are bad and how Bill Gates has stolen technology from XEROX etc. Which is all nonsense and no way concerns with the application in hand's of the IO. So they have the liberty to ask for more information where ever they need but they should not prejudice themselves by reading internet based information.