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  • HiRez
    Apr 2, 05:59 PM
    I have to agree with most here that Pages didn't live up to my expectations. However, I can't agree with you that Word has been perfected. Word is complete nightmare in certain situations. Its non-intuitive and not very user friendly in many cases (especially the windows version!). I do prefer it to Pages, but its by no means the best that can be done..Word was nearly perfect up until about version 4.0 (on the Mac), it was all downhill from there as far as I'm concerned. As for Pages, it looked pretty goofy to me as well, but the first versions of FCP, Keynote, OS X, all the iLife apps, .Mac, and pretty much anything else they're ever done were quite flakey, slow, underfeatured, and rough around the edges too. Apple just takes a long bloody time to refine their apps until they're "ready for prime time". That's fine, because once they do get an app refined, they tend to be fantastic -- I just wish they'd stop gouging us for full price each time we upgrade from their "betas" to a release-quality app. I'll check out Pages again when it gets to version 3.0.1 or so.

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  • Bill Gates
    Oct 29, 04:40 PM
    If it's a new 15.4" MacBook, there's a good chance it'll have dedicated graphics, otherwise what's the point? Apple certainly need more Macs with dedicated graphics in their consumer-priced range. Here's hoping!
    It's not going to happen. It would steal sales away from the MacBook Pro, and the cost would be minimal between the two.

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  • kingdonk
    Mar 1, 11:01 PM
    Just looking at the ''Server Admin' screenshots posted, i noticed that in the list of Services, both AFP and NFS are missing. Is File Sharing managed somewhere else in Lion?

    This seems to be all i can find and its in the server app.
    I did think i saw something in server admin but after checking it again i seem to be wrong.

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  • Sydde
    May 2, 07:11 PM
    Neither party is very effective at this point.... :(

    Somewhere a few pages back there is a thread accusing the Republicans of being domestic terrorists. Reality is, both parties gleefully sodomize the 99% ("middle class" and below), the Ds are just a little more sly and subtle about it. And history would suggest that Rs are no strangers to sodomy, just to vaseline.


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  • aristotle
    Jun 12, 02:00 PM
    There is simply no reason why T-Mobile could not have shared the spectrum with AT&T since other countries have independent competitors doing exactly that. See my post about concerning Canada and look at the UK and continental Europe.

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  • Apollo21
    Nov 22, 08:39 PM
    The problem isn't wasteful spending of money. The problem is that Earth does not have enough water to support 7 billion human mouths.
    LMAO, is this a joke?? Has to be the dumbest thing I've read this month by a supposed adult.


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 5, 08:27 AM (

    An anonymous reader sent in these images which claim to be photos of a prototype (DVT-1) 5th Generation iPod Touch. According to the submitted the front has a capacitive home button, back with markings of DVT-1, and connected volume buttons. The settings also show a 128GB capacity.

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  • PinkyMacGodess
    Oct 11, 10:52 AM
    Why not just add phone capabilities to the iPad? Call it the Mega-Pad? Or the Maxi-Pad?

    Making more than one size phone for sale at the same time makes no sense. The only way that it would make sense is if the iPhone wasn't selling very well and Apple needed to 'pander to the masses' to build market share of they figured out a way to have a 'clam shell' design and maintain the operability of the interface.

    The problem with multiple sizes is that the cases would be numerous and retailers wouldn't want to carry them and the chances that a very small iPhone would use the same accessories (chargers, etc) is small...

    I think that Apple would be crazy to dilute their market by adding smaller and naturally less capable units. I already think that the new Nano will fail because it's 'sorta like a Touch, but not quite'.


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  • calderone
    Apr 21, 11:57 PM
    About $4.50 right now in Chicago.

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  • wdlove
    Aug 25, 05:00 PM
    Thank you for your hard work on the folding widget redeye_be. I'm sure that it's a labor of love. Improvements are always welcome. Will be something to look forward to when I upgrade to Tiger.


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  • Phrasikleia
    Mar 3, 09:21 PM (

    The high vantage point and the stuffed animals on the table really make this shot. It's a picture with contrasts on many levels: white/black, obese/gaunt, tough/cuddly, nonconformist/mainstream, just to name a few. Very nice address to the theme, Keleko.

    I would probably crop in tighter, since the empty chair and so much railing is not adding anything to the image. You could come in at the top, left, and right, and get us that much closer to this eccentric couple.

    ^^ Interesting literal interpretation of the topic. The couple are so alike and different at the same time. Looks good from the hight point of view.


    I completely agree about the similarities making a nice counterpoint to the differences. I probably wouldn't call this one a "literal interpretation" of contrast, though, since it goes so far beyond just being dark versus light. (I guess I think of contrast at its most basic as involving tonality.)

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 12, 05:38 PM
    Anyway, environmentalist or not, what do you think about the Fit's overall city and highway gas mileage? And does it really beat the Prius in overall gas mileage? Toyota also has a very similar small type of car that is totally sexy. To me, small is sexy (but not Smart Car), and I could parallel park easier than my huge SW, and get great gas mileage.

    I have also considered Mazda 3 and Pontiac Vibe.

    Where the Fit excels is its interior volume. It is seriously like the Tardis in its ability to betray its small appearance on the outside with its actual capacity inside. For example, I have filled it with a family of four's luggage and knick-knacks for a week-long trip, with room to spare.

    Mileage is as advertised, mostly high-20's squirting around town, nearer to high-30's with the cruise set for hours at highway speeds. I don't have the knowledge to compare it to the Prius, but I will say that the Fit's interior fit-and-finish, while well-detailed and more than adequate, is "cheaper" than the Prius, and maybe even my old Civic's.

    While it won't win many drag races, it is a fun runabout, as it's probably the shortest wheelbase car I've ever owned. Meaning, it "hops" over bumps and sneezes will put you in the adjacent lane. I haven't driven a Mini Cooper, but I suspect the sensations are similar.

    I'd buy one again in a heartbeat.


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  • MattDell
    Oct 27, 10:39 AM
    Here are some photos I took at the launch... I resized them to 350px as the forum script was re-encoding them and they had horrible JPEG artefacts over the thumbnails previously.

    Hah, you got me at the bottom of the stairs on this one! Me and my two friends, I'm in the middle.


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  • yg17
    Apr 25, 09:15 AM
    It should work if you do it this way...

    Clever ;)

    Although I'm personally not a fan of using URL shorteners on forums where there's no character limit, I like seeing what website I'm about to go to, especially since I browse MR while at work. I don't want to click on a link that takes me to ;)


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  • kenypowa
    Apr 19, 09:51 AM
    2nd video at 1:35 (iOS 4.0 8A216) confirmed

    Looks just like HTC Sense's Leap. Maybe HTC should be an ass like Apple and sue Apple for slavishly copying HTC's Sense UI.

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  • bcsmith
    Sep 25, 11:16 PM
    The only thing that I'm skeptical about this whole thing is that the actual cease and desist letter has not been published. All we have are a few people claiming that Apple has slapped them with a letter and the "poor us" act. Once I see the letter I'll be more apt to believe these claims, until then I think that they are just trying to drum up hits on their sites...


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  • cantthinkofone
    Mar 21, 09:03 PM
    Aloha everyone,

    I seriously don't understand how people can afford not to complain about the gas prices here in Hawaii. I buy all my gas on any one of the various military bases, as we always get cheaper gas than those gas stations outside. I normally get a gallon of premium lower than most outside gas stations sell their regular unleaded.

    Imagine my shock when just last week, it was over $4/gal here at Schofield Barracks (home of the US Army's 25th Infantry Division - Light). It was the same over at the Pearl Harbor-Hickam Combined Base (they merged, but I'm not sure that I got the name correct), although the off-base prices haven't risen quite as sharply, but they're still paying right around $3.96/gallon for regular unleaded gas.

    I mean, we're not even in the summer season yet, not that Hawaii actually has a summer season. I mean that, like in the US Mainland, we get raped at the pump during the "summer" season, for no other reason than the gas companies here can do it. I mean, what else can we do except bitch and complain? If we want to drive our cars, we have to buy the gas, right?

    Don't try that here at Fort Wood. Gas costs the same as it does off post but they throw a huge fit if they see you getting gas and aren't military.

    I paid $60 to fill up today. Gas was $3.35/US Gal.

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  • zombitronic
    Nov 6, 12:35 PM
    That is like shouting out who, what you are all the time 24/7. That is just information pollution.

    Yet, people still use Twitter all the time.

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 11, 10:19 PM
    Ok now- let's just make one thing clear. :D

    I'm single. I need a sexy car, not a four door. :)

    They don't come any sexier than an American Corvette

    Mar 25, 07:46 PM
    Apple marketing at it's best. I got one, but did I need one? NO!
    But, I did get something I don't really need at 40% off. WINNING!! LOL!

    May 4, 12:09 PM
    They pay lip service about being for the common man but the common man voted conservative because they understand that budgets have to be balanced in households so it should be the same with the government.

    And apparently, gays should be kept from marrying, abortion should be illegal, and many other things listed here. They aren't that different from our conservatives in those respects at all, and that makes them scary. They scapegoated to get elected as well. Don't act as if they didn't. They're divisive, nasty people from what I've seen so far. Harper being right up there at the top.

    Mar 23, 05:21 PM
    Apple is all for open standards...except when they are not.

    A little like Microsoft. Embrace and extend...


    Of course, this isn't really about open standards. Last I checked, H264 video has no encryption associated with it per se. You have to add your own on top.

    That's what everyone is doing, Netflix, Amazon, etc. Netflix licenses theirs already, Apple will do so too.

    Apr 12, 04:50 PM
    I got the Verizon 64gb iPad2... I get a signal in my office with Verizon. AT&T dies as soon as I go into my office.

    And the speeds are pretty decent on it in my area.

    Apr 26, 10:13 AM
    1.419$/Liter or 5.51$/US Gallon.

    The only place in North America where gas is ridiculously HIGH....QUEBEC. Taxes represent 30-35% of the cost of gas. *sigh* But at least our roads are smooth... Oh no wait, they are not.


    Check this out -