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  • maverick808
    Sep 1, 08:53 AM
    ...Which your ISP has kept a record of that YOU had that dynamic IP at a specific date and time. Your ISP knows when and for how long they hand out each IP address. It's called record keeping. I know which user on my LAN at my business has which DHCP given IP. It's simple historical data.

    Think RIAA and all the John/Jane Doe lawsuits

    ...Unless you spoof your MAC address, which is extremely easy to do.* Additionally, a lot of ISPs refuse to give out logs, some don't keep logs for long.* I'm on a university network just now and I know our university only keeps logs for a week.

    You can also easily just log in to any open access point and download from there if you don't want your real IP address to be known.

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  • scottsjack
    Apr 12, 01:57 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    Keynote is actually pretty good!

    Dont be a uninformed fanboy. k? Thanks

    Pages and Numbers are much easier to use, and far nicer to look at than Office. If I don't need the horsepower I prefer iWork. If I do need the horsepower I have Office 2003 running on a late 2009 mini that is Windows 7 only. Office 2003 works great with W7, and it's not all blue looking like some of the newer versions.

    As usual Windows runs MS software much better than Mac OS does.

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  • Dhelsdon
    Jan 21, 09:44 PM
    Any Navigon users out there who have switched to street pilot, is it worth switching over?

    What do you like better or worse about it?

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  • ct-scan
    Oct 10, 08:42 AM
    any proof other than you are pretty sure?

    You can also find Xeon information on Intel's Core 2 Duo page...

    Where is your proof that the Woodcrest Xeon is not built on Core?


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  • Groves
    Apr 5, 09:16 AM
    but i digress regress.


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  • Dagless
    Jan 19, 07:04 PM
    I'd get one just for Zelda, Pilotwings and Starfox. But not at �230! That's ridiculous for a handheld machine that's primarily aimed at kids.

    Gotta disagree there. Nintendo's handheld systems have always had a varied library. Have you seen the launch lineup? Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, 2 Resident Evil games, Madden, Ridge Racer, Asphalt. Even those Zelda and Mario titles are universal. The only obvious kids title I see is Nintendogs.


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  • H00513R
    Apr 15, 03:54 PM
    No no no! If the government switches then Apple is guaranteed to be a target for hackers, and that leads to other baddies for us users. Keep them in the PC world or better yet - make them run Fedora.

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  • Thex1138
    May 16, 05:38 AM


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  • miamialley
    Apr 5, 10:58 AM
    Wow, their video reviews are a joke. Won't visit that site anymore.

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  • hankk
    Jan 29, 06:54 PM
    I'm trying to install Panther on our G3 iMac DV from the back up disks that came with our new G5 iMac. (G3 iMac DV: 10.2.8; 768MB; 80GB)

    Among the bundled software is Nanosaur 2.0 (pretty fun). It is not supported on the G3.

    The install options are:
    1. Panther + bundled applications
    2. Bundled applications only
    3. OS 9 only

    There is no Panther-only install option that I can determine.

    When I attempt to install on the G3, the installer determines that the target machine does not support the bundled software (as noted above) and stops.

    I've inspected the directories of all the back up disks and have not found anything useful.

    Does anyone know a work-around to this issue? Or if I want Panther on the old machine, will I have to purchase a Panther upgrade?

    One final question: Will my proof of purchase coupons entitle me to a copy of Panther or Tiger that I could install on the G3 iMac?

    Thanks, Hank



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  • Thomas Veil
    Apr 10, 04:35 PM
    LoL they made 30billion of cuts. Ten times that wouldn't even be enough to save the US economy from absolute ruin. The Democrats are completely clueless as to the danger america is facing and even the republicans think it can be fixed by 60 billion.

    The debt ceiling is the last stand for america's economy. If it is raised the total collapse of the US economy is set in stone and it will only be a matter of time.

    btw Thomas Veil, your signature is actually false. It was true for some of the 2000s but even if you took all of the money from all the bankers, wall st

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  • gorgeousninja
    Mar 25, 11:25 AM
    What if I came along and stole all of Apples patents and used them in a way that were above and beyond anything Apple created with them?

    You're thought process of this situation is completely horrible.

    What are the chances of you creating anything 'exceedingly awesome'?
    Slim, or none?


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  • iPhoneCollector
    Feb 18, 11:01 AM
    It does not look like the NE picture was actually of SJ at all.

    And what it it was him. Does having a hand mean that one has only six weeks to live?

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  • bushido
    Apr 26, 06:49 AM
    Why? You don't need high speed internet to put a USB stick in your computer, no need to wait for hours, just plug it in and be happy.

    hes obvs talking about non physical distribution (hint: broadband). using a usb stick is just as "dumb" as using a disc, its still physical media, whats the difference if u plug in a usb stick or use a disc which is cheaper to produce ...


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  • BladeJB343
    Apr 20, 06:32 PM
    Multifl0w is one of my favorite, if not my no.1 jailbreak app.

    Here's hoping that the next iOS has Expose built in.

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  • ThaChadwick
    Mar 28, 09:03 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I'm calling my shot.

    WWDC will go down like this...

    1. "The Future of Mac OS X" = Lion
    2. "The Future of iOS" - iPhone 5

    A lil hardware, a lil software, something for everyone. As for iOS 5, it will be previewed in April in a separate event. WWDC will set the spotlight on iPhone 5, and thus iOS 5 will not share the same stage, potentially stealing iPhone 5's thunder.

    C'mon people, forget the rumors and look at what Apple has done in the past. It's not NCAA Bracketology....


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  • EricNau
    Nov 14, 07:48 PM
    guess the bigger question
    will this be available in coach or is this just a first class option?
    Hopefully it will be available in all classes. It doesn't seem like Steve Jobs to settle for anything less - He's all about the average consumer.

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  • spillproof
    Nov 5, 11:51 PM
    I watched a discovery channel show a few years ago where I think Spain was selling phones with a chip in them to act as a bus pass.

    I would really like to see something like the OP become main stream. I like the MasterCard� PayPass� idea but you still need to take out a card and deal with your wallet; but if it was as easy as waving a phone and a pin code, I'd love it.

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  • hob
    Nov 11, 04:04 AM
    Ironically the Japanese site seems to crash Safari on my powerbook...

    Firefox works though :rolleyes:

    Mar 24, 08:55 PM
    great deal cause ipad 2 is only about 5% faster in real life.. nnot worth the mony

    Nov 11, 12:06 PM
    I think the PC guy is one of the actors that appears in this funny video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=bc6v8IUe_0g) about how to eat sushi.

    Sep 20, 08:29 AM
    Now that SATA is working in XP, has anyone tried Vista RC1?

    Nov 14, 10:11 AM
    Wow, this is a great idea!

    Oct 9, 04:22 PM
    Wow. Can't everyone leave Apple alone. ;)

    Currently, online movie downloads have no what near the popularity as going out and buying a real DVD has. Greedy Target and Wal-mart. Don't the movie studios see that Target and Wal-mart and other retail stores will still sell DVDs, or they will take a loss?