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  • sid_das
    04-21 06:36 PM
    sorry didnt see the last 2 lines of your post starscream....

    i will talk to some lawyers and hopefully get some answers.

    my company said the appeal will take atleast 6-7 months nowadays...

    i can work till then without issues.

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  • webm
    11-11 09:57 PM
    Same with here EB3-I 2001..(waiting continues)

    So close and yet so far...really they are creating nightmare ..

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  • wa_Saiprasad
    01-20 02:41 PM
    The new IV looks very neat and simple.

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  • tabletpc
    11-18 04:57 PM
    It�s been long since I got head ache..but today I had every reason to get.

    I tried taking an appointment for h1B for December. Here is my experience�

    1. After entering the receipt details it took me to available dates calendar. In this screen there was no option to pick an specific date for appointment. This screen was same as the screen we get when we check for available date without entering receipt number.
    2. I pressed �Continue� and it later took me to DS156.
    3. Filled the form and it took me to screen which displayed my name against a check box with 3 option. The screen says..�select the form to edit/complete..� 3 options I can see are DS156,DS157 and petition details. No matter how many times I edit the information I can�t get the choice to pick the appointment date. Basically I have filled up the form without knowing the appointment date.
    4. If I try to download the appointment letter it says..�You cannot download until you specify courier address��.

    Has anyone experience similar problem�?? Any work around�.??

    Any help is greatly appreciated�thanks in advance�


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  • ragz4u
    01-25 11:53 AM
    What is lobbying and is it legal?
    As per the definition at Wikipedia, Lobbying is the practice of private advocacy with the goal of influencing a governing body by promoting a point of view that is conducive to an individual's or organization's goals. more information can be found here

    It is 100% legal and is in fact the preferred way of getting things done by most corporations. Corporations like Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo, Google etc have all used lobbying in the past and in fact I would go as far as saying that every Fortune 1000 firm has used lobbying at one point of time or another. Just search for any company name and the word lobbying on Google and you'll see what we are talking about

    What has lobbying got to do with the Immigration Bill?

    As we know from part III, Senator Specter will be creating a markup of the Senate Immigration Bill. This may/may not contain the provisions that the immigrant community is looking for.

    The differennt bills that are being considered for the markup are McCain Kennedy bill, Cornyn Kyl bill, the Chuck Hagel Bill and a few others

    This document by AILA compares the various versions of the bill in different categories This also considers a markup of Senator Specter which is unofficial at the moment. This means that until it gets officially presented to the Judiciary Committee for review, it could change anytime.

    This markup already seems to contain the provisions we need, what are we still worried about?

    If you have read my post on S.1932, you would know that a bill can be amended at multiple stages.

    1) Senator Specter could change his markup, after all he has not come out with an official version. Do not forget that the link above refers to an unofficial version of the markup. As per unconfirmed reports, the Chairman's markup could be out anytime between now and mid-march and a lot of things could change in the mean time

    2) Assuming that the markup does contain the provisions that we as immigrants are fighting for, any judiciary committee member can propose an amendment to the bill which could result in a an unwanted change. A case in point is the amendment that Senator Diane Feinstein proposed during S.1932 which reduced the increase in H1B visas from 60,000 to 30,000. Imagine if a senator brings in an amendment that strips off all the provisions for legal immigration!

    3) If the bill does not have strong support within the Judiciary committee, it could be voted out and it becomes history

    4) Assuming that the bill passes through the above steps, it is presented to the full Senate for a debate and vote. Here too any member of the senate can propose an amendment to the bill and the house votes on it. A case in point is the Byrd Amendment which was introduced by Senate Byrd from Virginia which sought to drop sections 8001 and 8002 from the S.1932. This was defeated by the a margin of 84-15 but remember that if it had enough support, S.1932 would have ended here

    5) Once the bill passes with the immigration provisions in the Senate, it is presented to a joint conference committee where a few senators and a few congressmen deliberate on which sections to include int he conference bill from among the House bill and the Senate bill. Remember that the house bill has already been passed (HR.4437) and it does not contain any immigration provisions. The House members could again force the senate representatives to drop the immigration provisions. The S.1932 bill's pro-immigration sections got dropped precisely at this juncture

    So as can be seen, there are various stumbling blocks towards achieving a favorable bill.

    The only way we can ensure that the pro-immigrant provisions do not get ignored or sacrificed is by lobbying. By lobbying we can ensure that the right folks at the right places can understand our concern and empathize with us.

    A lobbying firm can ensure that we send a consistent and effective message to the right people. As mentioned earlier, some of the lobbying firms have ex-Congressmen and ex-Senators on their boards. These folks have a great working relationship with the current senators and congressmen. These lobbyists can not only get our issues be heard by the powers, they can possibly influence them by using some political capital

    Why can't we just contact the lawmakers directly and tell them about it? Why spend money for lobbyists?

    We can definitely try doing this ourselves. This is a free country and nothing stops us from doing so. Unfortunately the effectiveness of such a method is questionable.

    During S.1932 proceedings, many members of this forum contacted their local congressmen and senators and asked for appointments. Many also conveyed their views to the staff and many also faxed their views in. Unfortunately the bill passed without the pro-immigration provisions. The message was not conveyed strongly enough and it was conveyed as individuals and not a group.

    It was realized that unless we present our case the way Washington, DC is used to seeing it (by hiring lobbyists), the message will not get through.

    Lobbyists have direct access to the actual congressmen and senators while the most we can hope is getting a key staff member's attention.

    A lobbyist can influence a house member, while we can only hope that the staff members pass our views to the house member.

    We do not know which members are really the ones to target and key decision makers and we might end up concentrating on the wrong house members. A lobbyist can help us identify these key members.

    All in all, a lobbyist can help us use our energy in the right way and not end up wasting it doing frivolous things and ultimately help us achieve our dreams

    And do not forget that some of the anti-immigration groups like numbersusa already have full time lobbyists working for them in DC. If we are to even put up a decent fight against these very dedicated anti-immigrant forces, we need to get help from a professional lobbying firm

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  • SertTurk
    07-19 05:10 PM
    Yes, we have to go to Turkey for cosular processing since I accepted illegal employment and paid taxes for one year when we first came here.


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  • rockstart
    07-27 08:54 AM
    You are in a pretty tight spot my friend. I think a lawyer is the best person to answer these questions since you are walking a very fine line here. I dont want you to rely on advice on this forum and then later find out that you were out of status and that triggers another set of challenges to deal with later. So consult a lawyer and see if he/she feels that you can stay back in US pending H1 approval. Else I would advice moving out for 1 Yr and starting things on clean slate.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-04 03:39 PM
    [I apologize for starting a non-immigration related thread on this personal question.] I am trying to quickly book a US-India Lufthansa flight via Frankfurt for June travel, and the one I am looking at gives me 2-hr stopover (+30mins for boarding) at FRA in between connections, in the same terminal, on the return leg of the trip. My question to those of you who recently traveled via FRA is whether 2-hr is long enough to make the connection. I haven't had such a trip in a while, and not up-to-date with any additional (passport/immigration) verification procedure at this airport. I do know FRA does not require a transit visa.

    Thanks a bunch for your time.



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  • andhrawala
    09-22 10:01 AM
    I applied my EAD in Nebraska as OH falls under it's jurisdiction and got my approval in 2 weeks. Thought of sharing so that some one may find this information useful.

    Labor Priority Date: EB2 - 2007 April - India
    I-140 Applied: 05/15/2007
    I-140 Approved: 08/10/2009
    I-485 Applied: 07/26/2007
    I-485 Status: Pending

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  • gc4sk
    07-05 09:41 PM
    They (USCIS/DOS) want us to go back to our home country after gaining 6 years of experience so that we can compete with them directly.


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  • GC Struggle
    04-10 11:49 AM
    Hi Guys -

    I have a question about EAD and related to it is a question of re entry in US.

    I am currently on h1b visa and have approved I 140 and was able to file for I-485 application along with EAD in July 07 fiasco. I got my EAD in Aug 2007 but never used it. I did not apply for AP.

    Currently I am working as a consultant for (say) Co. ABC but my h1b holder is a desi consulting firm (say) Co. XYZ.

    Now Co. ABC wants to hire me on EAD and I also want to take up this position. My current h1b expires in SEP 08 and my contract with Co. ABC expires May 2nd 2008.

    If I take up a FT job with Co. ABC on May3rd and then go to Canada on May 15th for 10 days and then come back on May 25th and enter on h1b, what could be the impacts???

    Once you use your EAD you will no option but to enter on AP. Using your EAD would automatically cancel your H1- B � This can be reactivated by filing an amendment with USCIS � by doing so you will get an H1 for a duration that you still have remaining as part of the 6 year period (in this case an H1 amendment would cost the same as a new H1)

    It is too late for me to apply and get the AP but I have to travel on May 15, at the same time I don�t want to lose this position and want to take up the FT job.

    An approval for an AP takes considerable amount of time.

    Any suggestion on what could be my options to consider. I know that as soon as you use your EAD you lose h1b status but how does USCIS comes to know? How much time it takes for them to actually know that you have moved from h1b to EAD?

    There is no way USCIS will be informed if you are using your EAD or H1. Why don�t you travel on your H1 and activate your EAD after you return from Canada

    Gurus - please help me here...........

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  • ash0210
    08-20 10:04 AM


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  • mchundi
    12-17 08:42 PM
    Most of the states had processed RIR cases till May 2002. N.J (05/2002) and
    NY (10/2001) before all the applications were sent to BEC. So most of the
    Applicants with these dates must have already got their Green Cards . Some of my friends with these dates have already got their GC some 1 year back.

    It is Non-RIR cases which had 04/2001 processing times with NJ , NY being the states which were backlogged. It is these applications which would be
    causing these delays. How many percentage of EB1 , EB2 , EB3
    (Employement Category) applications might be in this process. ? If there are
    less number of applications then Processing Dates may move forward to
    2002 / 2003 for India.
    Based on the serial numbering in the pre BEC scheme, there are an average of 1k-2k peteions from california alone for the 2002/2003 years. Many Indians amongst them. Thanks the BEC's most of them locked their PD's (hopefully).
    If u look at the distribution for the fiscal year 2005, EB-2 did not use much of the surplus AC21 numbers. So why is EB2 retrogressed for India and China now. As somebody indicated in other threads, the USCIS may have suspended the AC21 act. But if they did that it wud not have moved to 2003 at all. So nobody really knows their formula.
    Unless the state dept releases the statistics for the fiscal year 2006, we dont know what actually is happening. One thing though, they need to further break down the ROW EB3 and establish cutoff dates for other countries as well.
    What about EB-3 (Inda). Hopefully it will move to 2002 very soon. After that i think it has better chances of moving up than EB-2 (India) if the USCIS is following the strict 7% limit.

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  • jimcourier
    06-04 04:36 PM
    Hello Folks,
    I have a very urgent situation and would really appreciate your help.

    Background :-
    H1-b holder through consulting company A, filed for extension in Dec 2008 and got approved in 10 days for a valid duration till Nov 2011.
    I was working with them on client projects through-out, and have valid pay-stubs until May, and possibly even June.

    But I found a full-time job with a small company, who also filed for my H1 transfer. The application packet received USCIS on May 26, and they sent an RFE which was received by us on June 1, along with the Receipt notice. The RFE was for proving my duration of stay outside the US, since my lawyer put that time towards recapture. In hindsight, I should have asked them not to, but what's done is done.

    Anyways, my documents have been received by USCIS on Wednesday, and I have no updates yet showing up online.

    I have to leave for India on Saturday for my wedding next weekend.

    My possible scenarios :-

    1, Case status online changes to Approved, I can travel to India before receiving the approval notice ?

    2, Case status is still pending, they need more RFE. In that case, can I ask my new company to provide the RFE when I am in India ?

    3, Case status approved, I wait for a couple of days before I get my I-797 approval notice, that means I will have to change my travel plans. I really can't put it off, since I am traveling for my wedding next weekend.

    Can someone advise ?
    My travel to India is definitely happening, but can I go and get my visa renewed along with my wife, and come back ?

    Thanks, and keep up all the good work.


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  • indigokiwi
    05-20 11:34 PM does this mean that no one really knows what OP stands for? :D

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  • jamesingham
    03-12 04:54 PM
    Requesting folks to share their experiences with me.

    Is there any benifit for a H1-B contractor in doing a part-time MBA in General Management ? I am working in I.T software field with 5 years of experience.

    I am sure some of the folks may have done this or atleast given it a though.

    Any information or your opinion will be highly appreciated.


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  • pappu
    08-21 10:59 AM
    Can moderators setup Web Fax for this?

    we aready have a webfax for this

    However, if anyone can spare a few minutes, pls. also send emails to these members from the site -

    There is a website contact for each of the member.
    An email from diff members of Iv in their own words apart from the webfaxes would add to our lobbying efforts.

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  • go_guy123
    05-31 05:39 PM
    If I remember my Uncle's word correctly, it was Ted Kennedy who was instrumental in relaxing (changing) the rules for future immigrants in 60 or 70's. Only then, we saw a huge increase in immigrants from India especially doctor's and engineers in 60's & 70's.

    Yes you are correct. Before 1965, there were immigration quotas based on the population mix of the existing US. Therefore western European countries like Germany, UK, Ireland etc
    had higher immigration quota compared to say eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America etc.

    So that 1965 in some way equalized the quotas. In order to the satisfy the "anti"s in those times they kept the 7% rule and hence the speech referred above by Ted Kennedy. So late 60s onwards people from India (including my Uncle) started coming to US.

    In fact in the past there have been periods of very restricted immigration to US

    By the way here is the case...
    where the 14th amendment (birthright citizenship) for children of illegal alien parent was tested in US supreme court.
    Therefore all these rules that you see tabled in congress to deny citizenship to some US born children are pure media publicity stunts.

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  • EkAurAaya
    07-10 09:55 PM
    flush this theory of mine... may be it was just a flook that 9 cases followed a pattern (and i thought i just decoded it LOL)... but this just confirms that applications dont reach Service centers they actually reach a black hole :D

    09-15 11:47 AM
    Folks there are three threads on the forum that are targeting the similar objective.

    Please join on the IV CHAT on Wednesday (09/17/08) 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to discuss one course of action.
    Please RSVP

    This meeting is online and is for an hour.

    01-02 11:45 AM
    Does anyone know why NSC is slow in the I140 processing that TSC? My I140 date is October 25'06 and I think I would have to get that converted into Premimum Processing if I dont get approval in next 2 months. I aksed my attorney but she has no clue about the realistic processing times.

    Good Luck to all.