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  • Rdclark
    Apr 15, 11:55 AM
    In January Consumer Reports surveyed over 58,000 of its subscribers on the quality of their cell phone service, with categories for voice, data, customer service, and coverage.

    Both overall and localized for 26 different US cities, Verizon far outperformed AT&T in this survey.

    It's customary for the tech community to scoff at Consumer Reports' findings, and often with very good reason. But if you ask 58k people, mostly the sort of middle-class folks that are typical CR subscribers, how satisfied they are with their cell phone service, the results IMO can't be easily dismissed. In this large sample, far more people were very unhappy with AT&T than with Verizon.

    I found this -- as a person buying an iPad 2 as
    1. a netbook/iPad/GPS/e-reader replacement, who
    2. neither owns nor wants a smartphone, and who
    3. spends nearly 100% of his time in large American cities
    --to be a compelling argument in favor of Verizon. Far more compelling than any anecdotal evidence, which is all I see in this thread.

    After a month with my 64GB white 3g iPad, I've had no reason to regret my choice. Verizon has never failed to connect, never dropped a connection, never seemed particularly sluggish (although I wait for wifi to download large files), and their pricing seems to fit my usage patterns more economically than AT&T's would have.

    My point: it's possible for a rational person to research and analyze this question and come up with Verizon as an answer, and then be happy with that choice. Contrary to some assertions otherwise.

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  • Tailpike1153
    Mar 28, 08:53 AM
    I can't think of any good rumors to start spreading. Lion, iOS 4+/5, new iPhones, MobileMe cloud. Hmmmm.... what to make up? The iPhone is heading to Sprint and Cricket. j/k. I'm just hoping to be able to get a new iPhone this summer. New iMac & iPad 2 will be pluses on the year.

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  • robbieduncan
    Sep 25, 10:55 AM
    The site has been updated!

    Direct link to the "What's New" page (

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  • Rtr455
    Mar 24, 11:18 PM
    I bought two in Birmingham, AL today. Way too good of an offer to pass up.


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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 5, 04:18 PM
    I saw some of the difficulties in cropping this, and wondered if an oval crop would help. Once I started playing with it, then I started really seeing the ovals/circles: chips, cups, table, his hat, her glasses, tomatoes. And I saw the rectangles: floor tiles, trays, paper dishes. More contrasts! After experimenting with the oval crop, it felt right to put this within a rectangle frame --another contrast, and it makes me feel more like I'm sneaking a peek at this couple, as Keleko did when shooting this pict.

    What do you think?

    Honestly, it doesn't really work for me. Not sure why. The black shirt does fall into the black of the crop but there is something else I can't explain.

    Although when you mentioned the circles and squares I did see something else. Had you been able to stage the picture it might have been interesting to align the trays and their contents with the tile pattern. But then if you staged it you probably would have lost the candid nature.

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  • wdlove
    Aug 25, 05:00 PM
    Thank you for your hard work on the folding widget redeye_be. I'm sure that it's a labor of love. Improvements are always welcome. Will be something to look forward to when I upgrade to Tiger.


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  • Ruahrc
    Mar 18, 06:46 PM
    My previous post was worded a little poorly. Ansel Adams probably did make his own paper, and did a lot of "post processing" in the darkroom.

    Back in the film SLR days, most hobby/amateur photographers did not participate in the "post processing" of their shots because they sent their film to a lab to get developed. That does not mean that there was no post processing being done to their pictures though.


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  • cupcakes2000
    Mar 28, 06:04 PM
    A EF-s 50 mm lens is 50 mm on a 1.6 camera. A 50mm EF lens on that same camera is similar in image to a 80mm EF-S lens. The reason for the difference comes into play by the amount of the lens the camera is using to record the image and the proximity of the rear element to the camera sensor.

    I have a Sigma 10-20mm (EF-s equivalent) for my 7d. It's Focal lenth is 10-20mm. It's field of view is 16-32mm.
    If you could fit it on a full frame (which you can't because of the mirror reflex as explained earlier by someone) but if you could,
    it would still have a 10-20mm focal length. However it would have an increased depth of field (over the crop) of 10-20mm.

    I dont even think you can get that wide on a full frame. I mean you can get a 8-15mm fish eye, but you would have a circular picture at the widest end.


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  • haiggy
    Apr 30, 12:25 PM
    So, how long does GameStop take to send the beta code? I just preordered... wish I could start the download while I'm waiting for the code...

    Takes a day or so apparently. Maybe up to a week? Should be in your e-mail.

    I've been playing the beta for over a month now under Windows 7 with bootcamp with no problems on low settings graphics/models wise and high settings for terrain and physics and effects. Shaders are the biggest resource in this game.

    Anyways, it played/plays awesome on bootcamp - very smooth, no stuttering even in large battles. I can't say the same for the Mac version... yet. I hope they can optimize it more and that Apple/Nvidia put out new drivers to help out the problems but it just was not a pleasant experience for me. And when I minimize the game into windowed mode to go to my internet browser, my whole system lags and INSANE amount. Like to the point of being unusable.

    Fairly disappointed. :( Hope it gets optimized!

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  • yg17
    Apr 25, 11:28 AM
    Yeah, a good businessman who took a casino, A CASINO, into bankruptcy THREE times. Dig a little deeper to see how many failures and questionable deals are out there.

    Yeah, you have to be a pretty awful businessman to take a business that takes money from a lot of people and gives money back to only a small number of people into bankruptcy 3 times. How the hell do you do that? I can probably run a casino better than Trump and I don't know the first thing about running a business.


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  • CubaTBird
    Sep 18, 09:33 PM
    lol, this thread is hilarious. how about as she's walking back just lightly step up your pace and que your right arm in the air and say "miss.. yes miss?! i would like your help" then she has to help you.. and then be all like, "now see im sick of these silly games with you running the back b/c you think im stalking you so why don't we just go out eh? i mean when it comes down to it, this whole situation with you going to the back of the store everytime i come in is pretty hilarious, don't you think?" then hope for the best i guess haha :p

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  • JackSYi
    Sep 1, 01:48 AM
    I can't wait till MWSF 07.


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  • shecky
    Oct 16, 04:21 PM
    if apple came out with an iPhone the size of the RAZR or smaller with the same capacity/functionality as an 8GB iPod nano, id buy it.

    if it did all that AND had functionality like a pda, id sell my grandmother to buy it.

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  • shenfrey
    May 5, 04:50 PM
    I think it's to hide how good OS X is. ;)

    To be honest, this is a smart move from Microsoft. If there is one thing I cannot stand about Apple, it is the silly prices they charge. The Apple Tax is stupid.

    I suppose on the bright side, at least we get what we pay for most of the time.


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  • Consultant
    Mar 24, 02:36 PM
    Wow, that's a good deal. Sort of silly that original iPad price is close to that of iPod touch though.

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  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 16, 11:21 PM
    I would love something along the lines of a nano that made phone calls. I could even do without the numeric pad.

    I'm with you. I already catched myself looking up a number in my nano's address book ("contacts") and looking for the "call" item. I'd love to have the main menu going "Music \n Phone \n Phone \n Extras etc." But the nano might actually be a little small for a phone. Try holding one at your ear for a minute. How about an add-on that you plug in on the bottom via the dock connector? Makes the thing a little longer and you can just upgrade your iPod. Kinda like the iTrip, but in the exact same design as the iPod itself.


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  • mi5moav
    Sep 25, 10:20 AM
    They are just trying to please the shareholders, without capsizing the boat. I highly doubt we will ever see such an inovative product such as the ipod from Apple again(hardware) It still shocks me that they came out with an MP3 player 5 years ago. One product. There have been a plethora of great products out since not including DAP/MP3 and Apple hasn't had there name on one. I needed a stinking Camera!!!!!!! Though it looks like the MacBooks not Pros are getting a little bump.

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  • Glenny2lappies
    Nov 14, 03:15 PM
    What will the future of air travel holds?

    1. Boomless supersonic jet (NYC to LAX in 2.5 hours).
    2. inexpensive jetblue/southwest flight in continent, price point $200 round trip, todays money of course
    3. weight/bag restriction to increase fuel economy-saving us money
    4. packing sardines even tighter allowing more seats (I hope this will not come to pass).
    5. computer/machine pilot (yes, they can handle landing and take-off)--eliminating overpaid pilots and terrorism too
    6. no food service (don't worry no one will starve to death, we are in a middle of a obesity epidemic for god sake)- saving weight and money
    7. reduce flight attendance by at least 50% (no food see above), and add a "useful" security guard to control rowdy passenger - saving us money

    If you can't reduce the weight of a LCD or OLED or whatever screen, don't add it to every seats. I think the future is clear and it looks like it will diverge into two paths. 1) basic travel that allows people to do it more frequently or 2) travel in comfort and pay more thus less frequent travel. I'm not talking about first class travel here.

    Think about it, wouldn't you want to travel anywhere in the US more frequently say 7+ times a year, or 1 or 2 times a year and have all the amenities (meal, iPod, movies and overpaid pilots)?

    Tune in your fear and imagine the possibility with me:D


    8. Couldn't give a toss (aka Ryanair). Like we're going to give you anything.

    9. You can't take that piece of electronics through sir. It could be used by trrrrrroooooiiiisssts [think Team 'merica here].

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Feb 23, 02:49 PM
    Please let this serve as public notice of my intentions to bring to market, iParent, a revolutionary new app that allows even the laziest dumb asses to be good parents. Simply type in your parental situation into the app and buy your answer via an in-app purchase. :rolleyes:

    Lol... Great idea, wish you luck :D

    Sep 19, 04:22 PM
    I'm a bit confused, because, I can't update the EFI ... I strictly followed the instructions. Poweron while holding the power button... then some secondes after speed flashs of the led (I mean stroboscopic) and then just a long BIIIIIP and normal boot after that ...

    Tried many times, any hints ?
    Thx a lot

    Oct 10, 01:29 PM
    If you ask me, it's pretty clear Apple will update all of its laptops before the holiday season. I personally can't wait to buy a new MB, because my 600 MHz G3 iMac is getting a bit sluggish. My question is this: Will it be a simple CPU upgrade, or will Apple change pricing and/or other hardware (such as HD capacity, RAM, etc.)? Oh, and how long do I have to wait?
    It's pretty clear that Apple will not be releasing to laptops before the holiday season. Laptops just aren't the typical gift. They are in the wrong price range.

    Don't be surprised to see iTV sooner than later or the long waited video iPod.

    Expect the new revised Mac Book Pro in January, featuring a redesigned enclosure and keyboard.

    Sorry, but that the way it is.

    Feb 28, 07:00 PM

    Nov 21, 08:32 AM
    Never said I was Gandhi. My point is valid nonetheless.

    There is only a finite amount of water available within the Earth ecosystem an only a percentage of that is available for drinking at any given time. A far greater volume is used for agriculture to grow food for human consumption.

    We could all sell our iPhones and Macs right now and donate the cash to a charity of your nomination but it wouldn't change the volume of water available within the Earth ecosystem.

    The problem isn't wasteful spending of money. The problem is that Earth does not have enough water to support 7 billion human mouths.

    Are these white iPhones genuine. Thought Foxconn would just eliminate employees who stole.

    Mar 28, 10:33 AM
    WWDC and E3 in the same week. OMG.