Weekend Getaway

Despite the fact that Spring came not even 1 week ago,but as I see most of the people,including me,already thinking about summer and vacation..All winter everybody were waiting for Spring and now finally when Spring came our minds are already under of sun and palm trees,we drinking cocktails,eating ice cream,listening waves of azure blue ocean and flirting with most handsome guy on the white sand beach..I caught myself thinking about that so intensive that I already planned what I will wear during my trip,on airport,what I will take with me,which dresses,shirts,shoes..And I'm not the only one..As I see on my blog,lately most read post is "Celebrity Airport Style"..What is that saying?That most of people are already planing the same thing as I do..Where they will travel,what they will wear,and similar lovely things..I didn't travel,well for me,it is long time,since last year..usually I was traveling every 3-6 months from 1 country to another..and now I'm practically burning!I wanna travel,I wanna go somewhere..And until my trip left maximum 2 months..I can't wait..It's gonna be one long travel,around 6 months,somewhere in Central America,around Caribbean and other islands,I hope so..And time passing so quickly!I should start packing I think so..;-)I don't want that that hot guy on the beach waiting for me and that my cocktail become warm!:-)