Good Luck .. in 2011!

  While I was teenager,I wasnt thinking too much about my past..It was only matter what will happened in my future.After when I started to be 20,my attitude change..I started to think about present,and today as years passing Im thinking more and more about my past,hoping I will learn some lessons from it..And now at the end of the year Im coming until ''drawing the line".Everything above that line showing what I did,what I could do,and what I shouldnt have to do.
   It's hardest to be self-critical.I guess we all know ourselves the best,so Im suggesting you to ask yourself - 'What were you in 2010? What you did? And what you tryed to do? What was your mistakes? Did you miss anything? Did you hurt somebody? Did you regret coz of anything? Did somebody betray you? Whom do you loved? And who loved you?'
  Answer honestly to yourself on this questions.You cant hide anything from yourself..
I believe that its never late that something nice happen in life..There is no elusive dreams,there is just unrealistic..Make a difference between them!
   If you were fighting all past year for something or somebody,and at the end you didnt make it,you need to see is it problem in you or in that what was your goal,..Its all about goals,setting goals and reaching for them..If you realize where was your mistakes,you are on good way to fix that in next year..
  Dont give up!Its the easiest way to give up.And strong people doesnt do that..Strong and powerful people are fighting and then,when everybody else thinks that there is no point anymore.
   That's why I will draw the line at the end of this year, to see did I learn anything on my mistakes,where I failed,where I succeed?In life,in love ,in job..Those are the basis of life.If you have one,and you dont get another one,you arent complete.You fighting for true love,for true job..For the person that you cant wait to fall asleep next to her,and cant wait to wake up to kiss her..And dont let that few consecutive barriers standing on the way that you want to go..Only strong will and fight will bring you until your goal.Dont look what others saying.Dont let them to break you.Believe in yourself and your success.Because,doesnt matter how much things looks unsolvable now,but at the end things coming on their place..And that is the truth..
  And if you can follow this,you will see,every December,after you drawing the line,its gonna be score which is showing more success.And more pleasure.And more smiles..Because tragedies are happening,but for happiness we need to fight..Fight for your own happiness.. Happy New 2011!